Zoom Adoration Chamomile & Lavender Flower Water

Adoration Chamomile & Lavender Flower Water


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Limited Edition Adoration Chamomile & Lavender Pure Flower Water

Chamomile and Lavender flowers are soothing and hydrating. They partner beautifully together to lift the spirit and hydrate the skin barrier. Pure flower water (hydrosols) also balances the skin's PH, which is crucial when healing rosacea.

Made with 100% organic Chamomile + Lavender hydrosol. I also added a few drops of Self-Heal & Wild Rose Flower Essences to lift mood and clear energetic blocks to healing. (Flower essences work on an emotional + energetic level.)

This hydrosol does NOT contain alcohol, it is 100% pure and safe for rosacea skin.


How To Use

Mist on clean skin or to set makeup.


Organic Chamomile and Lavender hydrosol

Adoration Chamomile & Lavender Flower Water



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