Soothing Flower Water

Soothing Flower Water

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*Please note that because our hydrosol is 100% pure and contains no alcohol it cannot be shipped between December and March. 

Made with pure, organic Rose, organic Wild Carrot Seed, organic Helichrysum italicum, and organic Melissa (Lemonbalm). 

This hydrosol is made from 100% pure plant & flower distillate and does not contain alcohol. Please use this beautiful flower water within 3 months to experience its most potent botanical properties.

The Rose Soothing & Hydrating Rose & Helichrysum Hydrosol leaves the skin feeling supple and nourished, ready to receive the benefits of the Aloe Vera & MSM Serum, Calendula Face Oil, or Radiantly Clear Face oil.

Organic Rose Hydrosol
  • Refines pores
  • Soothes and softens
  • Restores hydration
  • Brightens the complexion
  • Promotes oil production equilibrium
  • Prepares skin to receive nutrients

Organic Wild Carrot Seed Hydrosol (Daucus carota) is excellent for all skin types but is especially recommended for sensitive skin or mature skin.

Carrot Seed Hydrosol is known to soothe eczema, psoriasis, and inflamed skin "conditions" such as rosacea.

As a facial hydrosol, it delivers nourishing, hydrating, line softening, skin-plumping goodness. It curbs inflammation, gently detoxifies, and works well with sensitive skin.

Organic  Helichrysum italicum Hydrosol

Helichrysum, also called Immortelle or Everlasting, is cosmetically and therapeutically unparalleled in its ability to support skin healing. Beautifying and restorative, Helichrysum is potent, safe, and exceptionally effective.

Very few plants can match Helichrysum italicum for its affinity and effectiveness for use on inflamed skin. It excels at supporting supple skin health.

Mentally and emotionally, Helichrysum cools anger and can play a supportive role in emotional wound healing. Due to its cooling action, Helichrysum is also beneficial for tired, overheated, and inflamed skin.

Its aroma is rich, herbaceous, and honey-like.

Organic Melissa Hydrosol (Lemon Balm)

Antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, hydrating; Melissa is widely known to help stabilize mood by reducing anxiety and stress.

How to use the Rose Soothing & Hydrating Rose & Helichrysum Hydrosol 

Spritz the Soothing & Hydrating Rose & Helichrysum Hydrosol abundantly on your face. Inhale deeply, it smells divine! Allow to dry before applying the serum.

What are hydrosols?

Hydrosols are the alchemical process of steam distilling fresh organic plant material in a traditional alembic copper still, and transforming it into aromatic plant/flower water. This botanical water contains micro molecules of essential oils from the plant which makes them very gentle and safe.

Hydrosols help balance the skin's PH.

I purchase all my hydrosols from a local distiller that only uses organic plants. Being local hydrosols ensures that this flower water is as fresh as possible. Please use your hydrosol within 2 to 3 months as it does not contain alcohol and will not remain fresh for long periods of time. You may put your bottle in the frig if you'd like to preserve it longer.

Do not expose to heat or direct sunlight. Store in a cool, dry place.

120 ML