It all started with a seed…

A few years ago a friend gave me a bag of Calendula seeds to plant in my garden.

I had no idea how to grow Calendulas or herbal medicine (or vegetables!) but I dug my hands into the dirt and found a new passion.


Soon, the Calendula seeds grew into colorful flowering plants. I learned how to dry them and infuse them in organic carrier oils. My sensitive, rosacea-prone skin LOVED the Calendula infused oils! Very quickly I experienced the benefits and so I wanted to share with everyone!


The magic of plants is that they work on all levels: physical, emotional, spiritual, energetically… So it’s not surprising that one morning I woke up and decided to become a herbalist!

The more I studied herbal medicine and learned about the benefits of plants to support healing, the more creative I became with my skin concoctions. My plant medicine garden started to grow (bless my partner who’s digging new beds each time I want to plant a new ally!) and so did my apothecary. (You should see my house, plant medicine everywhere!)

As the founder of Journey To Glow I’m constantly sent organic skincare products to try. It’s been fun to test so many amazing organic green beauty brands, however, as someone healing rosacea, I never found that those products actually helped any of my skin symptoms So once again, I went down  research rabbit hole (something my readers and podcast listeners know I have a tendency to do ) researching ingredients that would REALLY move the needle when it comes to inflammation, enlarged pores, redness, breakouts caused by Demodex mites, and hypersensitivity. 


I tested ALL-OF-THE-BOTANICALS known to address inflammation (and all of the above mentioned) in all forms: powders, essential oils, infusions, balms, creams... in search for a solutions to my skin's woes and after months of trial and errors, I was able to narrow down a few key formulations that had a huge impact on my skin.


This led me to launch the Calm Skin Calendula Box  and the Radiantly Clear Demodex System formulated to tackle Demodex mites known to wreak havoc on rosacea-prone skin. 

By now I shouldn’t be surprised at how effective botanicals can be to support the healing of skin. But coming up with all-natural solutions for Demodex mites was quite the feat, especially since there was nothing on the market except toxic, chemical skincare known to destroy the acid mantle as it destroyed Demodex mites...something I absolutely wanted to avoid.

What you need to know about these botanical gems

Everything in the shop is organic, wildcrafted or certified pure therapeutic grade. If you’ve listened to any of my podcast episodes you know how absolutely committed I am about using the absolute purest and best, and the same goes for every ingredient used in my handmade products.

Some of the ingredients are grown in my garden (like the Calendula, rose and Nepeta Cataria flowers!), some are wild harvested with my own hands in pristine environments or sourced from trusted organic farmers and suppliers as local as possible because foot print matters.

I hope you enjoy these concoctions as much as I’ve enjoyed making them and I hope that the plants communicate what is truly essential: that you are a beautiful, magical being capable of full and complete healing. No matter where you are on your journey to glow, never forget that anything is possible and you are not alone on the journey.



Skin Herbalist & Founder Journey To Glow